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At TICKLE, we believe that generating a sale is a process. Put simply, it is a set of steps that have to be followed to achieve an outcome. We have years of experience in creating end to end sales and marketing solutions and we love it. This is what makes us different.


Generating sales is in our blood and we believe that marketing is intrinsically linked to the sales process; not just at the outset, but strategically throughout the entire sales cycle. We and our clients thrive on repeat business. New business is good, but repeat business is the best. We believe in nurturing customers and giving them our full attention at all times. We also believe that having the right team of people supporting your business throughout the sales loop is critical and that is why we created TICKLEā€¦ because there is a better way.


Our knowledge is based on many years experience operating in commercial sales and marketing roles. We know our markets inside and out.


We work to achieve your aims. We provide realistic proposals and always ensure that they are dealt with punctuallyy, without compromising the quality of work. We deal with things according to priority and will help you make the best decisions.


We strive to achieve a modern service, utilizing the latest technologies to ensure our sales and marketing processes are optimized. We can set up your sales and marketing IT solutions, we can help you by adding to it or we can work with your existing structure.


We are experienced in working on all scales of project whether they are large, medium or small. From writing a social media marketing plan through to full Sales Directorship. We are happy to help.

Our Services

The whole sales and marketing kit and kaboodle including brand recognition, website design, social media marketing, email campaigns, enquiry generation, quote follow up, customer generation, CRM implementation, data input, customer meetings, order closing, sales strategy and consultancy.


Taking on a client facing role in representing your business at the highest level. Managing a team of sales people to look after your customers and bring you business.

Marketing Strategy

We understand what your company needs to enable it to grow. Using our tried and tested methods, we can help enable you to reach your target markets.

Sales Consultancy

Giving you the tools and plans to carry out effective sales campaigns and (if you wish) implementation of these campaigns.

Agent Sourcing

We can help you to find and create a structured team of professionals with industry experience to bring sales to you.

Our Team

Matt Tickle


George Shackleton

Marketing & Web

Dhiresh Bharadwa

Technical Sales Engineer

Ian Law

Technical Sales Manager

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